5 people have been arrested in Chicago following an attempted robbery on a CTA Red Line train in the South Loop.

Several suspects were apprehended after Chicago police officers observed an attempted robbery on a CTA train Wednesday morning, according to police.

The incident happened around 3:05 a.m. on the CTA Red Line in the 1100-block of South State Street, according to police.

According to police, the suspect used pepper spray before fleeing. Five suspects were apprehended.

There were no officers hurt, but a suspect was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in good condition with an unknown injury.

CTA Red Line trains were temporarily halted in the area, but normal service has since resumed.

More information was not immediately available.

A man died after falling onto the third rail of the CTA Brown Line tracks in River North, according to Chicago police.

A man died Friday night after falling onto the tracks at a Brown Line CTA station and colliding with the third rail in River North.

According to Chicago police, the 32-year-old fell onto the third rail, also known as the electric rail, in the 300 block of North Wells Street around 10:20 p.m.

According to police, he was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and pronounced dead. His identity has not yet been revealed.

The station’s power has been restored, and all operations have resumed, according to police.

Area Three detectives are conducting a death investigation.

In Wicker Park, a chef was badly injured after being pushed face-first onto CTA Blue Line tracks.

When he was on his way home from work, a chef was pushed face-first onto the CTA tracks in Wicker Park.

Jose Duran said he was standing about a foot away from the platform edge, wearing headphones, which he said he will never do again.

His face is still swollen and cut, and his cheekbone is broken. For the next four weeks, his jaw will be wired shut.

“I started being able to talk a little bit a few days ago,” Duran said.

All because of the actions of a complete stranger on November 29. Duran was riding the CTA Blue Line home from work at the restaurant Schwa.

“I was waiting for my train at the Milwaukee and Division stop,” he recalled. “I just heard a ‘Hey!’ and then I was on the tracks.”

According to Duran, the man shoved him face-first onto the underground L tracks.

“It was a strong enough push that I just wasn’t able to do anything,” he explained.

Police wrestled Cory Patterson into custody as bystanders helped a bloodied Duran up from the tracks. In the process, he broke an officer’s nose.

Duran swerved to avoid the electrified third rail.

“The first two days that I was kind of still in the hospital with everything I was like, ‘I could not be here,'” he said.

Instead of being angry, the Michelin-starred chef is thankful for what he previously took for granted.

“Right now I’m on a liquid diet so I miss food. I miss the texture, all the little things,” Duran explained.

He now hopes to relocate closer to his restaurant in order to avoid commuting whenever possible, and he is eager to get back in the kitchen and start eating again.

Patterson has been charged with attempted murder and assault on a police officer in connection with the attack. He is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

In the 2020 CTA Red Line shooting in River North, a CPD officer was found not guilty.

A Cook County judge acquitted a Chicago police officer on Tuesday of two felony charges stemming from a shooting at a busy CTA train station in early 2020.

Nearly three years after she shot an unarmed man, Ariel Roman, at the Grand Red Line station, Cook County Judge Joseph Claps found CPD officer Melvina Bogard, 33, not guilty of aggravated battery and official misconduct.

Claps spent more than ten minutes explaining that his decision was heavily influenced by Roman’s perceived lack of credibility. The judge went so far as to say Roman committed perjury after pointing out several inconsistencies in his sworn statement.

Claps described Roman as having “zero credibility.” “Zero.”

“It is the burden of the state to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and they have failed to do so,” Claps added.

After Claps announced his verdict, more than a dozen supporters of Bogard briefly erupted, and the judge — who had previously warned against outbursts — quickly ordered sheriff’s deputies to remove those who disobeyed him.

“Obviously, the family is very disappointed over this ruling,” Greg Kulis, one of the attorneys representing Roman in his civil suit against the city, told reporters. “But, in essence, we’re not very surprised.”

Kulis pointed out that Bogard was only charged for the first round she fired on the train platform, not the second.

“The judge only had to look at the first shot, and the second shot wasn’t even presented to the court,” Kulis explained.

Tim Grace, Bogard’s defense attorney, blamed Roman for the shooting.

“I’m not sure how we’ve arrived in our society where citizens believe they don’t have to obey the lawful orders of police officers and law enforcement,” Grace said. “There is a segment of our society that believes, for whatever reason, that you are not required to obey lawful orders issued by law enforcement. Ariel Roman, the offender, dictated how this encounter occurred.”

On February 28, 2020, Roman was riding a northbound Red Line train through downtown. He walked from car to car as the train exited the Loop into River North, in violation of a city ordinance.

Roman’s attorneys previously stated that he was diagnosed with anxiety in 2019, and that he moved around the train to calm his nerves. Claps stated that was false before delivering his verdict on Tuesday. According to police, Roman, now 36, was also carrying a backpack containing an illegal amount of marijuana.

Just hours before, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Charlie Beck, then-interim superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, announced that an additional 50 officers would be assigned to the CTA’s train lines to combat rising criminal activity on public transportation.

Bogard and her partner, Bernard Butler, were both new to the CPD, having been there for less than three years. When Roman stepped off the train at the Grand Station, the two cops pursued him and confronted him near the bottom of the station platform’s escalator. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Grand station was one of the busiest CTA train lines.

Bogard and Butler, who were already assigned to the CPD’s Mass Transit Unit, attempted to arrest Roman, but he resisted. A passerby recorded the interaction on his cellphone as the officers struggled to take him into custody.

Butler and Roman are seen wrestling on the ground while two stun guns are already on the ground. Roman eventually regained his footing after ignoring repeated orders from both cops to stop resisting arrest. Butler then instructed Bogard to shoot. Bogard fired a shot into Roman’s abdomen after he took a few steps forward.

Bogard then fired another shot at Roman, hitting him in the back as he ran up the escalator toward the station’s main concourse area.

The witness immediately shared the video on social media, and the video quickly went viral before the CPD could issue its first statement about the shooting.

Following the shooting, Roman was charged with resisting arrest and narcotics possession, but the state’s attorney’s office chose not to prosecute Roman at the request of the CPD.

“Given the totality of the circumstances and the department’s significant level of concern about this incident, advocating for these charges would be insensitive,” a CPD spokesman said at the time.

Following the shooting, Butler and Bogard were quickly stripped of their police powers, and Roman promptly filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city and both officers. The case is still pending in federal court in Chicago.

CPD Supt. David Brown filed a slew of administrative charges against Bogard and Butler in April 2021, accusing the two officers of breaking several internal department rules. According to the police board, an evidentiary hearing on those charges will begin next month.

Police are looking for a man in connection with a CTA bus robbery on the Near West Side.

A man is wanted by police after allegedly robbing a passenger on a CTA bus on the Near West Side earlier this month.

A man in his early twenties robbed another passenger on a CTA bus at 11 North Ashland Avenue on Nov. 11 at 3:38 p.m., according to Mass Transit Detectives.

The perpetrator approached a passenger, stole the victim’s cell phone, and fled the bus.

According to police, when the victim chased the offender off the bus, the offender punched the victim in the face.

The suspect is black, 5’11-6′, and weighs 170 pounds. He is wearing a black jacket with white striped shoulders and the words “Don’t be a Menace” on the front chest and back, as well as light colored jeans.

If you have any information on this person, please contact the Chicago Mass Transit Detectives.

Man arrested after brutal bottle attack on CTA Red Line train

A person has been arrested by Chicago police in connection with an attack and robbery that occurred on the CTA Red Line.
Two people attacked and robbed a man early on Sunday morning near 95th Street on a Red Line train.
Solomon Washington, 30, of Chicago Heights, was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the robbery and attack, according to the police.
Among Washington’s four felony charges are aggravated battery and armed robbery.He allegedly hit the 44-year-old man in the head with a glass bottle on Sunday, September 24, causing him to bleed.Investigators say Washington also allegedly robbed a 46-year-old man the following day after punching him in the face.
The first attack’s second suspect is also being sought by the police.
In an effort to make trains safer, the CTA and the Chicago Police Department have been collaborating.
The CTA announced new security measures at all of its rail stations earlier this week.
Both organizations claim to have added K9 units that can ride the trains as well as patrols comprised of both officers and unarmed security personnel.

Images of the men who robbed CTA passengers on a Red Line train are released by the police.

Three people who are wanted in connection with an armed robbery

Three people who are wanted in connection with an armed robbery at the Garfield stop on the Red Line are being sought by police.
The three men who robbed a Red Line passenger who was traveling home from work on Sept. 17 at the Garfield stop around 9:20 p.m. have been identified by Chicago police through surveillance footage.
When they got close to the victim, one of the robbers was holding a knife, and then all three of them started punching and kicking him.

After stealing the victim’s bicycle and throwing it on the tracks, the robbers returned and attempted to flee before an approaching train struck it.
Call Area One detectives at 312-745-4706 if you know who the robbers are.

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