Local store Burglarized

Thieves robbed the store

When you steal from your own community it bring property value down. It also forces businesses to close down and take jobs with it. #MyLifeInTheChi #News #Video #Store #Illinois #Local #Stealing #Thief

Woman Shot in Back

Chicago S Oakley Ave

EMS personnel transported the patient to a hospital. Officers advise shots were fired from a vehicle that fled in an unknown direction. #MyLifeInTheChi

Isle a la Cache Museum

Address: 501 E Romeo Rd, Romeoville, IL 60446

The Isle a la Cache Museum is a detached exhibition hall worked by the Forest Preserve District of Will County on Isle a la Cache, an island in the Des Plaines River. Situated in Romeoville, Illinois, the exhibition hall and island are served by Illinois Route 53 and by the Centennial Trail/I&M Canal Trail. #MyLifeInTheChi

Car Crashed Onto Lawn

Montclare, Elmwood Park W Altgeld St & N Oak Park Ave

Video shows car crashed into lawn, police are investigating cause of crash. This incident happened today August 2nd around 5:15pm at W Altgeld St & N Oak Park Ave. #MyLifeInTheChi

North Lawn dale man found shot multiple times

Kenyatta O’Neal Jr – 25

A man passed away on Monday August 1st 2022 after he was found shot multiple times on Chicago’s West Side.

Around 9a.m., police say a 25-year old person was found with various discharge wounds to the body in the 1100 block of South Troy Street in the North Lawndale area.
The casualty was taken to Norwegian Hospital in critical condition, police said. He was then moved to Mt. Sinai where he was pronounced.

The Cook County clinical analyst recognized the casualty as Kenyatta O’Neal Jr.Nobody was accounted for in custody.The examination is continuous. #MyLifeInTheChi

Nine Possible Shots Detected

Chicago S Morgan St

Shot Spotter technology has detected nine rounds of possible gunfire. Shot Spotter devices pick up gunshots or similarly loud noises, such as fireworks or backfiring vehicles. #MyLifeInTheChi

Swallow Cliff Woods

Park in Cook County, Illinois

Swallow Cliff is an 800-acre nature preserve located near Palos Park, Illinois. It was built in 1930 by the Civilian Conservation Corps and operated by the Cook County Forest Preserve District. One of the highlights is a 100 foot bluff with 125 limestone stairs of varying heights.

I had a blast walking up those stair and going on the walking trail. If you go, make sure you bring some water and stay hydrated. #MyLifeInTheChi

Man Shot Twice S Archer Ave

Police advise that the victim has been shot twice but is in a stable condition. Police affirm that the suspect vehicle is a black Mazda SUV with the shooting suspect in it. EMS transported the victim to a nearby hospital. #MyLifeInTheChi

Man Critically Shot Near Linden Park

W Division St Chicago

Video Show man is in critical condition after he was shot twice in the stomach, twice in the left arm and once in the left leg. Police advise a man was shot in the arm and torso. EMS personnel are transporting him to hospital. #MyLifeInTheChi

Officer Injured in Crash Resulting in Vehicle Blaze

East Garfield Park, Chicago S Hamlin Blvd

Video of Officers further advise medics are transporting two people who sustained injuries to a nearby hospital. Emergency personnel advise an officer was transported to a nearby hospital. Two people are currently being assessed by medics on the scene. #MyLifeInTheChi

Bantu Fest Hyde Park Chicago 2022

Hyde Park Chicago

My experience at the Bantu Festival Chicago 2022, guest speaker Dr. Umar Johnson.

With food from over 30 different countries, Bantu Fest is the largest multi-cultural festival in Chicago. The festival features food from different parts of America, Africa (with countries like: South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal etc..); the Caribbean (with countries like: Jamaica, Belize, Haiti, Puerto Rico etc..); And south America (with countries like: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia etc..) #MyLifeInTheChi

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