The president of the Chicago police union is “willing to talk” with the mayor-elect, but he predicts that cop exodus will continue.

According to the head of the Chicago police union, the majority of members “does not want to work for Brandon Johnson as mayor,” and as many as 1,000 officers could leave the force.

According to John Catanzara, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge 7, union members’ morale is “in the basement,” and the mayoral election only increased members’ concerns.

“There was a lot of the membership waiting to see what would happen last night, and there is a lot of somber reality for members to choose between: do they stay or do they go?” Wednesday, he stated.

“And if several hundred of them leave within the next sixty days, I will not be the least bit surprised.”

Paul Vallas was nominated for mayor by the Fraternal Order of Police. As a former city budget director and schools chief, Vallas was seen as a more conservative candidate who had run on a law-and-order platform.

Johnson has attempted to distance himself from his previous statements in support of the defund-the-police movement.

Catanzara, president of the FOP, declares, “We shall see where this goes.” I’m willing to talk.”

Catanzara stated that he hopes to have a better relationship with Johnson than he did with Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has had public disagreements with officials from the union.

Catanzara stated, “I hope he has a little thicker skin.” He shouldn’t have applied for this position if he can’t handle criticism. However, it is absurd to believe that we will get along and become the best of friends.

The first commercial electric air taxi route will be opened in Chicago

Chicagoans may before long have the option to fly over air terminal traffic on their way downtown.

According to a joint press release from Archer Aviation Inc. and United Airlines, the first commercial electric air taxi route will start in Chicago in two years.

On Thursday, Archer and United made the announcement that they would be launching a commercial electric air taxi service. They said that Chicago was chosen because it was “the third most populous city in the United States, a center for business, innovation, and investment, and home to United’s headquarters.” Because of this, it is a one-of-a-kind city for Archer and United to develop.

According to the press release, Archer’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft will travel from O’Hare International Airport to Vertiport Chicago, the largest facility in North America for vertical aircraft takeoff and landing, which is in the Illinois Medical District near the Chicago Loop.

Six battery packs provide power, and the vehicle has a top speed of 150 mph. There is room for one pilot, four passengers, and luggage in the aircraft. In normal traffic, the journey from O’Hare to downtown Chicago can take more than an hour, and it can take even longer during rush hour.

Bryan Benhard, Archer’s chief growth and infrastructure officer, stated, “This is definitely the transportation of the future… it is safe, sustainable, affordable, and quiet.” Instead of driving an hour to an hour and a half from downtown to O’Hare in ten minutes for the price of an Uber, people will take this aircraft.

According to the press release from Archer, trips will be available for between $100 and $150 through a mobile app.

In 2025, the service is expected to go live. Simultaneously, an enormous development project on Chicago’s fundamental interstate that interfaces the city’s midtown region to ORD is supposed to make traffic bad dreams.

According to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, “This exciting new technology will further decarbonize our means of transportation, taking us another step forward in our fight against climate change.” I’m happy that Chicagoans will be among the first in the country to use this innovative and convenient mode of transportation.

Archer won’t just make a stop in Chicago. The creator of the e-taxi wants to bring the program to other major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and New York City.

Waukegan police are looking for a missing 21-year-old Navy sailor.

The Waukegan Police Department is looking for a 21-year-old man who is an active Navy member stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base.

Seamus Gray was last seen on camera near Sheridan Road and Washington Street after leaving the Ibiza Bar on North Genesee Street by himself around 1:35 a.m. on March 18.

Surveillance video shows him leaving the bar and walking along the lakefront. Gray failed to report to the naval base before his 2 a.m. curfew, according to detectives.

“I would like everybody’s help to find my son. I’ve arrived. I’m going through dumpsters looking for my son,” said Karry Gray, who traveled from Florida after the Navy notified her about her son’s disappearance. “That’s my boy. That’s my son’s role model. He’s never, ever going to leave me or his family. So anybody who can help, please come forward. I really appreciate it.”

Gray was escorted out of Ibiza Bar, according to Ibiza Bar representatives, because he was inebriated. However, Adrian Hernandez, the manager of Ibiza Bar, stated that the service member was escorted from the premises with his friends.

Waukegan Deputy Chief Brian Mullen explained why authorities focused their attention near the lakefront on Thursday.

“The video released last night showed Seamus leaving the bar. After he left the bar, he proceeded to the intersection a little east of the bar at Washington Street and Sheridan (Road),” Mullen said. “Overnight, we received some more video from some of the businesses at the marinas that showed Seamus right on the water’s edge. So we focused our efforts on searching the water today.”

On Wednesday, crews searched along the water, according to Mullen.

Despite the fact that search and rescue efforts have been called for the day, Mullen refuses to call the operation a recovery mission. Instead, he stated that authorities would meet again on Friday morning.

“The area on land that we searched today was extended all the way up to Greenwood Avenue and all the way down to the southern border of Waukegan on the lakefront,” Mullen said. “Tomorrow, we’re going to move a little bit more south toward North Chicago. Obviously, the Navy base is in that direction, so we want to try to cover some ground between here and the Navy base in case he tried to head in that direction on foot.”

Gray was described by police as 6-foot-3-inches tall, 170 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a long-sleeved light pink/red shirt and pants. Gray has several tattoos on his left arm, as well as a script tattoo on his ribcage.

Lake County is assisting Waukegan police in their search. Mullens also stated that the Navy would assist with the search efforts on Friday.

“There are three things my son lives for: he lives for his family, he lives for God, and he lives for his country,” Karry Gray said. “He came here to fight for his country and now he is missing.”

Anyone with information about Gray’s whereabouts should contact the Waukegan Police Investigations Division at 847-599-2673. Anonymous tips can also be left by calling 847-360-9001, texting WPDTIP and a message to 847411, or clicking here or here.

In Maryland, a car crashes into a highway work zone, killing six workers

State police in Maryland reported that a car struck ix highway workers on Wednesday after entering a work zone.

According to Maryland State Police, the accident occurred around 12:40 p.m. at the Baltimore Beltway, an inner loop of Interstate 695.

According to police, an Acura swerved into Jersey barriers before striking the workers and flipping over.

According to state police, the six people killed were contract workers on a state highway construction project. They were not identified by the police until the next of kin was informed.

The driver, whose character was not known, was taken to the R Adams Cowley Shock ER for clinical treatment, police said.

The car entered the work zone for no apparent reason.
According to Gov. Wes Moore, his office is keeping an eye on the situation. He tweeted, “My heart goes out to the families and victims of the tragic crash on the 695 beltway this afternoon.”

The accident is still being looked into.

The overturned Acura was captured on helicopter video by Baltimore’s NBC affiliate WBAL, which showed it surrounded by broken construction materials and other debris between the two parallel Jersey barriers.

Johnny Olszewski, the executive director of Baltimore County, offered his sympathy as well.

He tweeted, “On behalf of all the residents of Baltimore County, we offer our sincere condolences to the families, friends, and loved ones of those who have lost their lives in today’s tragic crash and my prayers remain with those injured in this horrific incident.” He was referring to the accident that took place earlier today.

Donald Trump has stated that he will be arrested on Tuesday as part of the investigation into Stormy Daniels’ hush money.

In a post on his social media platform, former President Trump claims that he will be arrested on Tuesday in connection with the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation into hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Trump also encourages his supporters to protest in the post.

The claims have not been verified by ABC News, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has declined to comment.

On Saturday, a Trump spokesperson appeared to retract remarks made by former President Trump on his social media platform.

“There has been no notification, other than illegal leaks from the Justice Dept. and the DA’s office, to NBC and other fake news carriers, that the George Soros-funded Radical Left Democrat prosecutor in Manhattan has decided to take his Witch-Hunt to the next level. President Trump is rightfully highlighting his innocence and the weaponization of our injustice system. He will be in Texas next weekend for a giant rally. Make America Great Again!” a Trump spokesperson said.

A Walmart manager in Joliet has been charged with stealing $135K.

A former manager at a Joliet Walmart was arrested after allegedly stealing approximately $135,000 in cash from the store last year.

On Nov. 27, officers were called to the Walmart in the 2400 block of West Jefferson Street in response to a report of a previous theft.

Melissa Vanderwall, 47, of Romeoville, was working as a night manager when she allegedly emptied a large amount of cash from recyclers used to restock cash registers, according to an investigation.

Melissa Vanderwall WGN 9

Vanderwall allegedly left the store with a shopping bag containing $135,988. It was caught on surveillance video, and a warrant for her arrest was issued.

She turned herself in to the Joliet Police Department on Monday, according to police.

Vanderwall is charged with theft and burglary.

Officials say a Cook County Jail inmate was found beaten to death in the maximum security wing.

According to officials, an inmate was beaten to death Thursday evening in the maximum security wing of the Cook County Jail.

Correctional staff discovered Marvell Reasonover, 28, unresponsive in his cell around 5:10 p.m. Thursday and “immediately began life-saving measures,” according to a statement from the Cook County sheriff’s office.

According to officials, Reasonover was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and pronounced dead. According to the Cook County medical examiner’s office, his death was caused by multiple injuries sustained during an assault and was ruled a homicide.

His cellmate was “secured and escorted out of the cell,” according to officials.

Reasonover was arrested in August 2020 for having a weapon as a felon after Chicago police officers discovered a loaded weapon in a vehicle he was driving, according to the sheriff’s office. He admitted to officers that he was the owner of the weapon.

Officials said he also allegedly stole a Jeep at gunpoint in December of that year after arranging to meet with the owner, who was advertising the Jeep, online.

Reasonover was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a peace officer, public indecency, and criminal damage to property.

A Chicago man has been charged in connection with a fatal South Shore shooting.

A Chicago man is facing charges in connection with a fatal shooting in the South Shore last month.

Dellton Chattman, 25, was arrested on Friday after being identified as the person who fatally shot a 24-year-old man on February 10 in the 7400 block of South Colfax Avenue around 10:30 a.m., according to police.

Today Chattman was due to appear in bond court.

He was arrested and charged with two felonies.

At this time, no additional information is available.

A Chicago man has been charged in an East Side shooting.

A 20-year-old man was charged last month in connection with a shooting in Chicago’s East Side neighborhood.

Police say Thomas Olsen, of Chicago, was arrested on Thursday after being identified as the suspect who shot and injured a 31-year-old man on February 6 in the 10000 block of South Avenue North.

He was apprehended by the Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force in the 2400 block of South Commercial Avenue.

Today, Olsen was scheduled to appear in bond court.

He is charged with aggravated battery, a felony.

At this time, no additional information is available.

A Gage Park shooting kills a Chicago police officer.

A source tells local news that a shooting late Wednesday afternoon in the Gage Park neighborhood resulted in the death of a Chicago police officer.

According to sources from the police, the officer was shot in the leg and the face. It appeared as though a long line of police cars were getting ready for a procession that would depart Mount Sinai Hospital following the death of an officer in the line of duty.

After the incident, Chopper 2 observed a police-escorted ambulance heading to Mount Sinai near 52nd Street and Spaulding Avenue.

According to sources, a suspect was reportedly chasing and threatening a girlfriend during a domestic dispute when police were first called to the scene.

Witnesses at the Gage Park scene reported hearing three or four loud bangs and spotting officers hurrying to the officer’s body near a playground.
Local media reported that police were preventing people from entering the area near the officer’s shooting scene, according to a man walking his dog nearby. Very few homes were accessible.

According to the man, he could not believe what had occurred. He claimed to have lived on the Southwest Side for 20 years, and while there have been times when crime has fluctuated, he had never heard of a police officer being shot and killed there.

The officer, who was in critical condition, was transported.

Along California and Ogden avenues outside the hospital, a number of police squad cars gathered at the hospital and around it.

No additional information was available. At 7:45 p.m., police were scheduled to hold a press conference to discuss the incident. The shooting occurred shortly after Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office announced that CPD Supt. In order to start a new job in Texas, David Brown will step down later this month. First Deputy Supt will take Brown’s place. Until a new mayor is sworn in, Eric Carter will serve as interim mayor.

David Brown steps down as Superintendent of CPD.

After Mayor Lori Lightfoot loses her bid for reelection, David Brown, the chief of Chicago police, resigns. Wednesday, a day after losing her bid for reelection, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot made the announcement that the head of the Chicago Police Department will step down on March 16.

State Police Traffic Stop on a Highway. Police Cruiser with Flashing Lights.

Lightfoot said in a statement that Superintendent David Brown informed him of the decision on Wednesday.

According to Lightfoot, an interim superintendent will be appointed by First Deputy Eric Carter until the new mayor is sworn in.

Lightfoot stated, “We ask the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability to immediately begin the search for a new Superintendent so that the new Mayor will be able to make a selection as soon as possible.” This will allow the new Mayor to make a decision as soon as possible.
According to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office, embattled Chicago Police Department superintendent David Brown has resigned after nearly three years. March 16 will be his last day.

Brown resigned less than 24 hours after Lightfoot lost her bid for reelection. Lightfoot had chosen Brown to lead the CPD in April 2020.

In a statement, Lightfoot said, “I accepted his resignation and want to commend him for his accomplishments not only for the department but the entire city.”

Supt. First Deputy Eric Carter, the CPD’s number one The CPD will be led by two people during Brown’s time there until the next mayor is sworn in.

Brown announced that he had accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer at Loncar Lyon Jenkins in an email sent to CPD employees on Wednesday afternoon. Loncar Lyon Jenkins is a personal injury law firm with seven offices in Texas, Brown’s home state.

A man from Aurora has been charged with possessing suspected child pornography.

An Aurora man was arrested on suspicion of possessing suspected child pornography.

Aurora police executed a search warrant in the early morning hours of February 23 at a home in the 1300 block of Valayna Drive.

According to police, officers seized multiple electronic devices containing suspected child pornography.

Jeremy Lenerville, 40, was arrested and is being held at the DuPage County Jail on a $250,000 bail.

If he posts bond, he is not allowed to have unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18, and he must surrender all firearms, ammunition, and his FOID card.

A Kane County man has been charged with 20 counts of child pornography.

A Kane County man has been charged with 20 felonies for possessing and disseminating child pornography.

Christopher M. Scholl, 44, of Carpentersville, was charged Tuesday with ten felony counts of disseminating child pornography and ten felony counts of possessing child pornography, according to Kane County State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser.

According to Mosser, an investigation revealed Scholl had and distributed multiple videos depicting child pornography prior to February 3.

Scholl’s bail was set at $100,000 by Judge Julia Yetter, with a 10% bond application fee. Scholl cannot have unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 17 if he posts bond. He also has no access to any file-sharing or social media websites.

Scholl’s next appearance in court is set for March 1 at the Kane County Judicial Center. He is still being held at the Kane County Jail.

There was no additional information available at the time.

Police say an SUV with sleeping children inside was stolen in Zion.

No one was hurt when an SUV with two children inside was stolen in north suburban Zion on Monday.

An adult left their white 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee running in the 2100 block of Lewis Avenue around 6:23 p.m. while entering a business, according to Zion police.

According to police, a male suspect in his twenties entered the SUV and fled with the sleeping children inside.

According to police, the suspect drove to the 2200 block of Lewis Avenue and forced the children to get out of the Grand Cherokee before fleeing the scene.

The front driver’s door panel and rear passenger window tint have been damaged, according to police.

Police described the suspect as a Black man in his twenties wearing a gray sweater and a black mask.

There have been no arrests, and Zion police are investigating.

A pair has been charged in the violent robbery of a 62-year-old man in West Rogers Park.

A man and a woman have been charged in connection with a violent robbery of a man in the West Rogers Park neighborhood earlier this month.

According to Chicago police, Armando Puentes, 40, and Elizabeth Ortiz, 35, are accused of battering and robbing a 62-year-old man on Feb. 5 in the 2500 block of West Touhy Avenue.

According to police, the pair was arrested in the 6800 block of North Western Avenue and the 6400 block of North Clark Street on Monday.

They are each charged with robbery and aggravated battery on a victim over the age of 60, both felonies.

They will appear in bond court on Tuesday.

The USPS is offering a $50,000 reward in connection with armed robberies of Chicago postal workers.

A $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect involved in two armed robberies of a USPS letter carrier in Chicago.

The first robbery occurred on Jan. 17 around 1 p.m. in the Galewood neighborhood near 1752 N. Sayre Ave. The suspect drove away in a white four-door sedan.

The second robbery took place around 2 p.m. near 1758 N. New England Ave., and the suspect fled in a small white SUV with a Florida license plate.

He was described as a Black man with a dark-brown complexion, standing between 5-foot-10 and 6-foot tall, and dressed in thick black glasses, a dark puffy jacket, a gray hoodie, black slippers, and black and red pajamas.

According to police, the suspect is armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the US Postal Service hotline at 877-876-2455. 3964682-ROBB is the reference case number.

At the Markham Police Department, the Paycheck Protection Program fraud has continued to rise.

As reported by Local News on Wednesday night, a Markham police officer is not the only officer under investigation for PPP fraud. She is also accused of forging tax documents for a fictitious company.

Rayshonda Lewis was a full-time police officer in Markham since 2011, but she quickly resigned last month. Derrick Champion, the administrator of Markham, stated that the city appreciated Lewis’ resignation.

Officer Lewis quit her $83,000-per-year job because, according to federal documents, she applied for a PPP loan for $20,000 and “submitted false and fabricated documents,” including IRS forms claiming she owned a catering company that made “$97,000 during 2020.”

But Lewis “knew none of the foregoing facts were true,” according to the feds.

Champion stated, “That’s concerning to have someone wearing a badge to take advantage of a program.”

Champion claims that the federal government first contacted the city in December regarding their Lewis investigation, and she reached a settlement within weeks.

Champion stated, “She resigned at that point.”

Lewis’ federal case has been sealed. However, we are able to display the documents that the federal government provided the city through an open records request made by local news to the City of Markham.

They include the agreement that Officer Lewis signed in which she admits to breaking the law but agrees to serve 80 hours of community service while on probation to avoid jail time and a conviction on her record.

Champion stated, “I expected it to be this bad.”

However, the Markham Police Department’s investigation into PPP fraud does not only focus on Lewis.

CBS 2’s Terry confronted Markham police Officer Kenneth Muldrow in November 2021 after local news reported that he applied for a PPP loan using the address of the police station.

Champion confirmed that Muldrow is still being investigated and is employed as a Markham police officer.

A new police department hired the third officer under investigation.

Champion stated, “We have identified those individuals who are under the watchful eye of the federal government.” They are being examined closely.”

Champion insists that Markham is committed to collaborating with the federal government to eliminate any additional employees suspected of PPP fraud.

Woman killed in Hanover Park during daylight shooting

Late on Monday, investigators were attempting to determine who shot and killed a woman in Hanover Park, a west suburban neighborhood. We still did not know who the woman who was shot and killed was until late Monday night, Local News reported. It has been reported that there have been a number of violent incidents in the apartment complex where it occurred in the past.

According to Legal Help Firm on Facebook the woman’s name is Clarice Alexander – 41

Clarice Alexander, 41 – Legal Help Firm

At 8:32 a.m., Hanover Park police were called to a shooting in the 1300 block of Court P near Montibello Drive, east of the West Branch of the DuPage River and south of Lake Street February 13th.

At the scene, a 41-year-old woman was found dead by police. Her body was covered in a blue tarp while police looked for the killer.

Henry Jarosinski, a neighbor, claimed to have heard six gunshots.

Jarosinski stated, “It was really loud and it was fast.”

According to the police, the shooting took place on a path that connects the housing complex to a nearby school and is where children typically walk in the morning.

Alvaro Munoz stated, “I just walked over here in the morning with my dogs and saw a person laying here with a sheet over them – it’s about 8:30 this morning.” It’s sad because children pass through this area on their way to school.

“It’s a good thing that it didn’t happen when there were a bunch of kids walking down the alley,” Jarosinski stated. “That’s the main route where the grade school kids go to the school right there on the other side.”

Monday morning, some nearby Keeneyville schools were put on lockdown as a precaution. John Walters, a long-time resident, stated that the complex has issues.

Walters stated, “It’s had its ups and downs, a lot of challenges, gang activities, and drug situations.” If they haven’t, hopefully they will catch the person who did it.”

At the most recent check, the person the police are looking for has not been located. The department has not provided any details regarding a possible motive or the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Together with the DuPage County Metropolitan Emergency Response and Investigations Team (MERIT) Task Force, Hanover Park police continued their investigation as of Monday evening. Lt. should be contacted by anyone with information. Call (630) 823-5516 to reach Ralph Gniewosz.

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