A gun was discovered inside a vehicle in the parking lot of Antioch High School.

A handgun was discovered inside a vehicle in the parking lot of Antioch High School on Tuesday morning.

According to police, the gun was discovered during a routine canine scent search of vehicles.

When it was discovered, the student, a 21-year-old man in an alternative schooling program, was arrested.

“I would like to recognize District 117 on its commitment to ensuring the safety of students at our high school,” said Antioch Police Chief Geoffrey Guttschow.

The investigation is still ongoing, and no potential charges have been announced at this time.

The president of the Chicago police union is “willing to talk” with the mayor-elect, but he predicts that cop exodus will continue.

According to the head of the Chicago police union, the majority of members “does not want to work for Brandon Johnson as mayor,” and as many as 1,000 officers could leave the force.

According to John Catanzara, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge 7, union members’ morale is “in the basement,” and the mayoral election only increased members’ concerns.

“There was a lot of the membership waiting to see what would happen last night, and there is a lot of somber reality for members to choose between: do they stay or do they go?” Wednesday, he stated.

“And if several hundred of them leave within the next sixty days, I will not be the least bit surprised.”

Paul Vallas was nominated for mayor by the Fraternal Order of Police. As a former city budget director and schools chief, Vallas was seen as a more conservative candidate who had run on a law-and-order platform.

Johnson has attempted to distance himself from his previous statements in support of the defund-the-police movement.

Catanzara, president of the FOP, declares, “We shall see where this goes.” I’m willing to talk.”

Catanzara stated that he hopes to have a better relationship with Johnson than he did with Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has had public disagreements with officials from the union.

Catanzara stated, “I hope he has a little thicker skin.” He shouldn’t have applied for this position if he can’t handle criticism. However, it is absurd to believe that we will get along and become the best of friends.

The first commercial electric air taxi route will be opened in Chicago

Chicagoans may before long have the option to fly over air terminal traffic on their way downtown.

According to a joint press release from Archer Aviation Inc. and United Airlines, the first commercial electric air taxi route will start in Chicago in two years.

On Thursday, Archer and United made the announcement that they would be launching a commercial electric air taxi service. They said that Chicago was chosen because it was “the third most populous city in the United States, a center for business, innovation, and investment, and home to United’s headquarters.” Because of this, it is a one-of-a-kind city for Archer and United to develop.

According to the press release, Archer’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft will travel from O’Hare International Airport to Vertiport Chicago, the largest facility in North America for vertical aircraft takeoff and landing, which is in the Illinois Medical District near the Chicago Loop.

Six battery packs provide power, and the vehicle has a top speed of 150 mph. There is room for one pilot, four passengers, and luggage in the aircraft. In normal traffic, the journey from O’Hare to downtown Chicago can take more than an hour, and it can take even longer during rush hour.

Bryan Benhard, Archer’s chief growth and infrastructure officer, stated, “This is definitely the transportation of the future… it is safe, sustainable, affordable, and quiet.” Instead of driving an hour to an hour and a half from downtown to O’Hare in ten minutes for the price of an Uber, people will take this aircraft.

According to the press release from Archer, trips will be available for between $100 and $150 through a mobile app.

In 2025, the service is expected to go live. Simultaneously, an enormous development project on Chicago’s fundamental interstate that interfaces the city’s midtown region to ORD is supposed to make traffic bad dreams.

According to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, “This exciting new technology will further decarbonize our means of transportation, taking us another step forward in our fight against climate change.” I’m happy that Chicagoans will be among the first in the country to use this innovative and convenient mode of transportation.

Archer won’t just make a stop in Chicago. The creator of the e-taxi wants to bring the program to other major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and New York City.

According to his attorney, a black man was discovered with his head severed after claiming that white men had targeted him.

Rasheem Carter, a Mississippi Black man who went missing in October after claiming he was being targeted by white men in his community, was discovered dead and dismembered shortly after, according to a newly released autopsy, and his family has requested a federal investigation into his death.

Carter went missing two days after his last known sighting in Laurel, Mississippi, last October, and just days after telling his mother and the police about being targeted by white men in the neighborhood.

On Nov. 2, the 25-year-remains old’s were discovered in a wooded area south of Taylorsville.

“One thing is for certain … This was not a natural killing. This was not a natural death. This represents a young man who was killed,” attorney Ben Crump said during a press conference Monday, releasing the findings of an autopsy report by the Mississippi State Medical Examiner’s Office.

According to the report, the conditions of the remains at the time of the autopsy make determining the exact timing of the injuries difficult, and there were signs of animal activity on the remains, clouding the picture.

The medical examiner ruled in the report that the cause and manner of death were both unknown.

Crump, along with his co-counsel Carlos Moore, is requesting that the US Department of Justice launch a federal investigation into Carter’s death.

According to Crump, Carter’s head was severed from his body, and his spinal cord was recovered in a separate area from his head.

“They have recently found remains that they believe are also Rasheem Carter at another part of where he went missing, and what that tells us is, this was a nefarious act. This was an evil act. Somebody murdered Rasheem Carter. And we cannot let them get away with this,” Crump said.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is assisting in the investigation of Carter’s death, according to a statement sent to ABC News by the agency. They did not want to comment further because the investigation is still ongoing, and any additional information and updates should come from the lead agency, Smith County Sheriff’s Department.

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office did not respond immediately to ABC News’ request for comment.

According to a statement posted on Facebook a day after Carter was discovered, the Smith County Sheriff’s Office “had no reason to believe foul play was involved” when he was discovered last year.

The department’s initial press release sparked small peaceful protests throughout the community, with residents skeptical that there was no foul play.

“Clearly Rasheem’s death was not a natural death,” said Ricky McDonald, president of the Jefferson County NAACP chapter, said at the press conference. “After Rasheem was found shortly after law enforcement there says that it was no foul play. How can it not be foul play when his body was dismembered? How can it not be foul play when his body parts was scattered all over the land in which he was found.”

Carter discussed his concerns for his safety with his mother in a text message between the two days before he was reported missing.

After specifying a name in the text message who Carter felt threatened by, he continued in the message that “if anything happens… he’s responsible for it. … He got these guys wanting to kill me,” according to text messages his mother read during the press conference.

“My son told me that it was three truckloads of white guys trying to kill him. And at the time that he told me, as a mother, you know, I had to think fast. So I told him to go to the police station because I felt in my heart they would serve and protect like they are obligated to do,” she said.

Carter visited the Taylorsville Police Department twice before his disappearance, according to Chief of Laurel Police Department Tommy Cox, whose department filed the initial missing persons case after the family approached them for assistance.

The Taylorsville Police Department did not respond immediately to ABC News’ request for comment.

“This doesn’t seem like the act of just one individual,” Crump said during the press conference. “It kind of lines up with what Tiffany said, there was a lynch mob of three trucks chasing her son before he went missing.”

Officials say a Cook County Jail inmate was found beaten to death in the maximum security wing.

According to officials, an inmate was beaten to death Thursday evening in the maximum security wing of the Cook County Jail.

Correctional staff discovered Marvell Reasonover, 28, unresponsive in his cell around 5:10 p.m. Thursday and “immediately began life-saving measures,” according to a statement from the Cook County sheriff’s office.

According to officials, Reasonover was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and pronounced dead. According to the Cook County medical examiner’s office, his death was caused by multiple injuries sustained during an assault and was ruled a homicide.

His cellmate was “secured and escorted out of the cell,” according to officials.

Reasonover was arrested in August 2020 for having a weapon as a felon after Chicago police officers discovered a loaded weapon in a vehicle he was driving, according to the sheriff’s office. He admitted to officers that he was the owner of the weapon.

Officials said he also allegedly stole a Jeep at gunpoint in December of that year after arranging to meet with the owner, who was advertising the Jeep, online.

Reasonover was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a peace officer, public indecency, and criminal damage to property.

David Brown steps down as Superintendent of CPD.

After Mayor Lori Lightfoot loses her bid for reelection, David Brown, the chief of Chicago police, resigns. Wednesday, a day after losing her bid for reelection, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot made the announcement that the head of the Chicago Police Department will step down on March 16.

State Police Traffic Stop on a Highway. Police Cruiser with Flashing Lights.

Lightfoot said in a statement that Superintendent David Brown informed him of the decision on Wednesday.

According to Lightfoot, an interim superintendent will be appointed by First Deputy Eric Carter until the new mayor is sworn in.

Lightfoot stated, “We ask the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability to immediately begin the search for a new Superintendent so that the new Mayor will be able to make a selection as soon as possible.” This will allow the new Mayor to make a decision as soon as possible.
According to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office, embattled Chicago Police Department superintendent David Brown has resigned after nearly three years. March 16 will be his last day.

Brown resigned less than 24 hours after Lightfoot lost her bid for reelection. Lightfoot had chosen Brown to lead the CPD in April 2020.

In a statement, Lightfoot said, “I accepted his resignation and want to commend him for his accomplishments not only for the department but the entire city.”

Supt. First Deputy Eric Carter, the CPD’s number one The CPD will be led by two people during Brown’s time there until the next mayor is sworn in.

Brown announced that he had accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer at Loncar Lyon Jenkins in an email sent to CPD employees on Wednesday afternoon. Loncar Lyon Jenkins is a personal injury law firm with seven offices in Texas, Brown’s home state.

A Kane County man has been charged with 20 counts of child pornography.

A Kane County man has been charged with 20 felonies for possessing and disseminating child pornography.

Christopher M. Scholl, 44, of Carpentersville, was charged Tuesday with ten felony counts of disseminating child pornography and ten felony counts of possessing child pornography, according to Kane County State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser.

According to Mosser, an investigation revealed Scholl had and distributed multiple videos depicting child pornography prior to February 3.

Scholl’s bail was set at $100,000 by Judge Julia Yetter, with a 10% bond application fee. Scholl cannot have unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 17 if he posts bond. He also has no access to any file-sharing or social media websites.

Scholl’s next appearance in court is set for March 1 at the Kane County Judicial Center. He is still being held at the Kane County Jail.

There was no additional information available at the time.

Suspects are being sought in connection with an armed robbery at a Beach Park gas station.

Police are looking for two suspects who held up a gas station at gunpoint in suburban Beach Park on Monday night.

Around 9:30 p.m., two males wearing black masks and black hats entered a gas station in the 38300 block of North Sheridan Road. According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, upon entering, one of the suspects, who was armed with a pistol, pointed it at the ceiling and fired a shot.

According to officials, he then pointed the gun at the cashiers and demanded money, while the other suspect stole several vapes.

The suspects fled the scene on foot to the southeast.

During the robbery, no one was hurt.

The identities of the three victims of the shooting at Michigan State

Brian Fraser, Arielle Diamond Anderson, and Alexandria “Alex” Verner are the three students who were killed in the shooting at Michigan State University.

The identities of the three students who were shot to death on campus at Michigan State University on Monday night have been released, with two of the victims hailing from the same community.

A statement issued by the school district where Alexandria “Alex” Verner resides in Clawson, Michigan, referred to her as “a tremendous student.”

Verner, a 2020 Clawson High School alumna, is remembered by her alma mater as “a tremendous student, athlete, [and] leader” who “exemplified kindness.” Verner is scheduled to graduate in 2020.

The statement continued, “If you knew [Alex], you loved her, and we will forever remember the lasting impact she has had on all of us.”

Verner was going to graduate from MSU in 2024 with a degree in integrated biology and anthropology, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Police identified Anthony McRae as the shooter.

Shortly after Verner’s death was announced on Tuesday, the Michigan State University Department of Police and Public Safety confirmed that Brian Fraser, a 20-year-old sophomore from Grosse Pointe South High School in Michigan, had also passed away. Fraser will graduate in 2021.

According to Fraser’s social media accounts, he was studying business and had previously held the position of head lifeguard at a country club in the Detroit area.

On Tuesday, the Grosse Pointe Public School System also confirmed the deaths of Fraser and another former student from the system.

Local news later determined that Arielle Diamond Anderson, a 19-year-old Grosse Pointe North High alumna, was the third victim.

Another aunt, Kimella Spivey, said that Anderson was nice, respectful, and wanted to help. She participated in extracurricular activities like working with elderly people.

“This is so inconceivable. When will it end? Really? I’m talking about the succession of one after the other. Spivey stated, “This school has been safe for many years.”

According to a statement released by that district, Verner was a junior when he graduated from Clawson High School in 2020. According to the police and his Facebook page, Fraser was a sophomore at Michigan State University and a graduate of Grosse Pointe South High.

Breaking hearts and bank accounts with romance fraud

This Valentine’s Day, love is in the air, but not everyone is experiencing true love. Romance scams are on the rise, and they cost Americans a record $1 billion last year.

According to cyber experts, con artists are becoming more cunning in how they approach their targets, which allows them to steal more money.

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day draws near. However, those who might be looking for love online should be aware of a warning from Department of Homeland Security investigators.

“It’s a sizable criminal organization. Here, we’re talking about international transnational criminal organizations, “said Brad Hannam, an investigator for Homeland Security.

According to Hannam, romance scams defraud Americans of millions of dollars every year, and because the con artists are typically based in Ghana, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast, it is challenging to identify and prosecute them.

Knowing the warning signs, such as the immediate show of attention and affection, is the best way to avoid becoming a target.

“We refer to the act of pouring on excessive amounts of love and tying the target into them as “love bombing.” And just as it appears that they are about to steal the victim’s heart, they start after their money,” Hannam remarked.

“Usually with a story about needing money to finish a project or to buy a plane ticket to visit them,” she said.

Never send money to a potential match that you haven’t met in person, advises Hannam.

Do a Google search on the images they send and the narrative they provide if they ask you to communicate with them outside of the dating site.

“We want them immediately, once they believe they’ve been scammed, cease all communications. We want them to block the offender on social media, or whatever platform they’re talking to them. And then go to their local police,” Hannam said.

Due to the fact that most victims are too ashamed to report the crime, investigators believe that the number of victims of sweetheart scams is likely much higher than we currently realize.

A man was fatally shot in Rogers Park, Chicago.

A man was shot and killed early Sunday in Rogers Park on Chicago’s North Side.

Officers responding to a shots fired call in the 1700 block of West Greenleaf Avenue around 1:50 a.m. discovered the 23-year-old on the ground with gunshot wounds to the chest and leg, according to Chicago police.

He was taken to St. Francis Hospital in critical condition, where he died, according to police.

There were no arrests reported.

Benito Juarez shooting: A former student is being held without bail in connection with a high school mass shooting that killed two people.

A 16-year-old former student who was expelled from Benito Juarez High School was denied bail Saturday on charges related to a mass shooting on the school’s campus in Pilsen in December.

Christian Acevedo is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder as an adult in the December 16 shooting that killed two teenagers and injured two others.

Acevedo had been expelled earlier that school year for behavioral, academic, and attendance issues, according to Cook County prosecutors.

Surveillance cameras captured Acevedo near the campus before the shooting, including him talking to people on a soccer field and then fleeing the area, but the cameras did not capture the shooting itself, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Juarez student Brandon Perez, 15, and Chicago Bulls College Prep student Nathan Billegas, 14, were standing in a plaza under a bridge that connects two wings of the school’s campus shortly after classes were dismissed for the day around 2:30 p.m.

Witnesses told investigators they heard “Razas over there” referring to the La Raza street gang, and that someone warned Perez and Billegas that Acevedo was there to cause trouble, according to prosecutors.

Acevedo is a documented member of the “Bishops” street gang, and Billegas was a member of another gang.

Prosecutors said Acevedo approached Perez and Billegas and asked Perez if he was a “Raza” and Perez asked him why he wanted to know.

Acevedo is accused of walking a few steps away before turning around and opening fire, striking Perez and Billegas in the heads and two other students in the bodies before fleeing.

Prosecutors said a witness photographed Acevedo holding a gun and standing over one of the victims. Several people, including a Chicago police officer who had previously interacted with Acevedo, allegedly identified him as the shooter in surveillance footage.

Acevedo was seen driving a stolen vehicle on Thursday, and police followed him to his home, where he ran inside while holding a rifle, according to prosecutors. Police arrived shortly after and took him into custody, but no rifle was found during a search of the first floor.

Prosecutors said they found four guns in Acevedo’s room, three of which had aftermarket switches that made them fully automatic, as well as extended magazines. According to prosecutors, ammunition was discovered in his bedroom and garage during his arrest.

Acevedo also faces juvenile court charges, including felony counts of aggravated discharge on school grounds and other weapons charges, according to officials.

The allegations were “horrible” according to defense attorney Nicholas Giordano, but he argued to Judge Ankur Srivastava that prosecutors had not stated that their evidence included DNA or fingerprints, and that Acevedo had not admitted to being the shooter.

Acevedo lives with his family, which includes his father and grandmother, and was in the process of enrolling in a program to return to school, according to Giordano.

The attorney also questioned why it had taken investigators months to apprehend his client despite having “all these identifications.”

Giordano requested that Acevedo be returned to his parents.

In his decision to hold Acevedo without bail, Srivastava cited the potential life sentence Acevedo faces if convicted of the current charges, as well as the multiple identifications of Acevedo and the weapons found in Acevedo’s possession.

Acevedo is scheduled to appear in court again on March 3.

A man was shot four times while walking down the street in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood.

On Saturday afternoon, a man was shot four times while walking down a Chicago sidewalk.

Around 12:25 p.m., the victim, 32, was walking along South Edbrooke near East 107th in Roseland when a gray car stopped and someone inside opened fire.

He was shot in the left leg twice and the right leg twice.

He was admitted to the hospital in stable condition.

Nobody is being held in custody. 

Carjackers steal a car in broad daylight in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood and then crash it shortly afterwards.

On Saturday, two carjackers stole a car in broad daylight in Chicago, but they did not get very far.

According to police, the 53-year-old victim was walking to his own car along South Vanderpoel near 92nd in Beverly around 2:30 p.m. when two men jumped out of another car. The men drew guns on him and carjacked him.

But they didn’t get very far.

The two suspects were apprehended less than two hours later at a crash scene near 98th and South Emerald, about three miles away.

A weapon was discovered at the scene, according to police.

Woman Shot in Back West Pullman, W1 24th St Perry

Police updated via a press release that an 18-year-old woman transported herself to the hospital after she was shot in the back in a vehicle around 4:00 p.m. today. She is reported to be in critical condition after suspects in a black Jeep fired shots at her. No suspects have been detained and the investigation is ongoing. #Chicago #Illinois #news #video

After shooting a passenger on a packed Chicago train, a woman is facing attempted murder charges.

The search for a Chicago woman who, following a verbal altercation, shot a woman in the knee on a train has come to an end.

When Latrice Harvey, 25, got on the CTA Red Line in the Loop, she got into a fight with a 30-year-old passenger. She then opened fire on the train shortly after midnight as it approached the State and Lake station. The Chicago Police Department reported that the woman had been “seriously injured.”

A witness said that during the incident, frantic train passengers tried to move into another car when they heard gunshots.

According to the news outlet, “Red Line trains were rerouted over the Loop and shuttle buses were sent between the Fullerton, State, and Lake stations until service resumed.”

Shortly after the shooting, Harvey was discovered and taken into custody near her residence in the 3600 block of West North Avenue. She has been charged with aggravated battery/discharge of a firearm and attempted first-degree murder.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he is currently recovering. The reason behind the argument was withheld by the police.

Bobby Hoblin has been identified as an accomplice in the shooting. Source: Chicago Police Department

Later, it was discovered that Harvey had a 32-year-old accomplice named Bobby Noblin who was also arrested and charged with the crime.

FOX 32 Chicago reports that authorities at the time stated that the Noblin was dressed in “a black shirt, black pants with white stripes, and black and white shoes.” “Black woman with long black hair in dreadlocks, wearing a purple hoodie and white shirt, black pants, and white shoes,” was Harvey’s description.

Area Three detective Scott Liebhaber can be reached at 312-744-8261 if you have any additional information that pertains to the case. Investigators are still looking for additional information.

Local store Burglarized

Thieves robbed the store

When you steal from your own community it bring property value down. It also forces businesses to close down and take jobs with it. #MyLifeInTheChi #News #Video #Store #Illinois #Local #Stealing #Thief

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